We deliver your Emotions!

Globe Postal Network is an Italian private postal operator (Individual License No. 3956/2018) and is in agreement with International Postal Companies belonging to the U.P.U.
GPN prints and distributes stickers that allow the mailing of tourist postcards all over the world. Globe Postal Network uses a widespread network of over 2000 dedicated orange Mail-Boxes, which guarantees an effective collection service throughout the national territory.

Yellow Cartoony iconic italian buildings

Our Mission

GPN’s mission is to combine tradition and technology in posting tourist postcards. The exchange of postcards has always been an important vehicle for emotions, a way of preserving memories of distant places that could be shared from a distance. We believe that this value cannot be extinguished but that it is necessary to adapt it to today’s technology. Now you can track the shipment and attach a memory or emotion to it, always maintaining the beauty of the photo and the magic of a handwritten message.

What customers say about us

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