Make a complaint

As sanctioned by the Communications Authority (AGCOM) in Resolution n. 184/13/CONS of 28/02/2013, it is possible to make a complaint by downloading the appropriate form at the following link: Allegato B – Formulario CP. Once completed in its entirety, the form must be sent by email with a request for confirmation of reading, to the address: For more information, please consult our Service Charter where you can find a detailed description of our service, as required by Resolution no. 413/14/CONS of 29/07/2014.

Complaints received

  • Year 2023 – We have received¬†4 complaints by email.
  • Year 2022 – We have received 2 complaints by email.
  • Year 2021 – We have received 0 complaints by email.
  • Year 2020 – We have received 0 complaints by email.

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